Sunday, November 20, 2011

Michael Crook Takes his Blog and Twitter down

So I've been following Michael Crook on his webpage and on the Twitter. Today I found that I could no longer view his twitter feed. So I thought maybe he'd written a blog post about it. Checked his webpage, and his blog is now down. Hmmmm.

I'm not sure what to make of it here. Yesterday I asked Crook why he took down his "Pro Obama Assassin" post, and he responded that it was back up, and then personally insulted me. Of course I tried to take screenshots of the whole twitter conversation, but Crook deleted it. Luckily it was in my email.

Anyway... Now his whole blog is down. His twitter feed is now private (which kind of negates the whole point of twitter). There are no blog posts on his webpage, and all former links to his blog re-direct to a generic splash page.

I'm just gonna call it a win for us here. (And I just got started, too). I'm going to assume Crook took his blog down of his own accord, at least for public viewing. Then again, I refer to his previous statements:

In regards to the post about Ashley Billasano, there have been many calls for its deletion and for an apology. Neither will happen. I am a firm believer in and supporter of free speech. Furthermore, I have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

Well I don't know why he took his twitter feed or his blog down. He wrote earlier about the possibility of him being excommunicated from the LDS church:

I do not expect any official Church discipline to occur, but if I am made to choose between disabling the post and retaining my membership in the Church, then it is very likely that I will lose my membership. I am prepared for that.

 Well, maybe he was forced to make a choice. There's another avenue I hadn't thought of though. Nightshadow Booking offers his speaking fee at $3000. Hmmm.... Anyone wanna take up donations so we can get him to answer some questions? Didn't think so.

Either way this seems out of character for him. Nothing from what I have read about him leads me to believe that he'd do this at all... and yet he did. I'm not complaining.
Maybe if I feel like it I'll post some of his more inflammatory blog posts that I saved.

Here are some links to his pages that are still up:

Update: I guess he's still tweeting, as of 1:50 PM PST

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